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Fuck a niggas thoughts instrumental

G] I'll beat the breaks off a nigga if he thinking that he realer Than the six feet four I'm the giant out of the river I deliver all the hits teach you how to talk that shit I'm the one who got these niggaz screamin Ellenwood bitch! Chrome shit to yo face ever lasting' like the yay Put them hands on that nigga told him to get up out of my way It's okay you can say in your place where you'll be found From the club to the lot see how M. G get down! Fuck nigga back the fuck off before I swing my fist You come get it I got it you know stopping' popin' ain't taking no shit I stay with my niggaz surrounding don't try to down or clown me talking that trash Off in the club, fuck nigga what? I swing for myself and beat yo lil' ass Crime Mob the click and we be the shit and we be the niggaz that don't give a fuck Stop all the hating bitch you faking? Step on that station you will get your ass stuck Ready to buck, ready to ride, crunk in the club with my click on my side Get your hand off my bad I sit up and thrash So let that be nothing to it just yo azz [Chorus] [Verse 4 - Psycho Blak] You don't want no problems cause I'll have to solve them You don't want to dance with this ass cause I'll drop ya Psycho B. I am here to take out you hoes and put shots that fit through your brain We carrying deadly things I am known for correcting lames Come test me I'm ready it is going to be hectic up in this game MOB that be my click I down hoes for talking shit Don't throw yo azz because you gon' get hit That is the price for popping quick Don't hate me for making cash I'm the best, what you want some best?
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Ill Mind of Hopsin 8 Instrumental testo

Fuck a niggas thoughts instrumental
Fuck a niggas thoughts instrumental
Fuck a niggas thoughts instrumental
Fuck a niggas thoughts instrumental
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Lil Wayne-Fuck A Nigga Thought - music playlist

You already know guys, We reppin' it still Yo me and Lovell we go way back in time, see? You already know After 96 we do it all day Ball is life from time Yea, yea Still checking at the place still cold Moving in a way no place no snow Straight chillin' with my niggas and shiver Thinking about the sun lay thoughts on the river Move back nigga, move back nigga Fake Jordan-ass whack-ass bitch nigga I come packed with eleven damn shots I claim this city and I take your spot Stay thinking about a white one Thinking about a bright sun That I changed straight from the dark shit No take when I'm playing with the black gun nigga You ain't never been a god since the last run No stares in the place that's you A lot of niggas tell me that I never really owe Track track to the place back back nigga Tell me that I'm like a nigga but my flow sicker Calling Calling Calling I'm calling Calling Calling Calling Shit! Dressed like a motherfucking god when I reach the spot Shit! Niggas always tell me that I made it from the empty slot Shit! You started some like, some cold shit And we run it No more of that game stuff like I'm done with that. Submit Corrections.
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Moula Baby Ok, money on my mind, fuck a nigga thoughts He aint even thank, he aint even seen me with tha pistol and tha shank Walked up to him with put tha pistol to his tank, pussy nigga faint. Pick that pussy up naw let him lay Where im from I see a fuckin dead body every day x4 Hammer in them draws hammer in them draws And yall aint nothing but nails in a wall Bolsters, Holsters, empty like a motha fucka Off my hip clip empty like a motha fucka Ha-ha ok, simply im a burglar but its fly carter inducted to fly squader Ok simply im a motha fucka pimpin aint dead because im pimpin like a motha fucka Now where ya hoe at wipe ya feet on tha door mat ima bring the N-O back like a nigga with no back Ima go forward The top gon get lowered Them hoes gon get cut like a sword I kno it Ye aint gotta tell me I already smell it Ya pussy niggas eatin peanut butter and jealous Youre Los like Angeles But you can find me in a white tan Ellis Juss like Van Halen ima rock out bitch Ima wear that glock like a fuckin outfit I dont care what you know, you dont know nothing bout this And I hope your ass choke when you suck on my dick. Uptown back in it, Hollygrove black menace, black shirt, black tennis, black semi I never sat in a hemi that would offend me Try a maybach or a maybach, bitch I got stacks ya Paychecks on paychecks but I still want pay back I still dont play that, I kill on ASAP We dont do shit but get money all day Put some tennis on my bullets now they runnin yall way I am Young Moula, Young Money all day Where tha drugs so sweet like honey on yay Which one of yall say you want drama im honered Blitz yo ass like a motha fuckin lineman Stack of paychecks with a whole bunch of commas Still where red like an old 49er Fuck shittin on ya ill dump tha whole toilet on ya Weezy F Baby bitch im hotter than Uganda.
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